Nasa warns temperatures in Europe may plunge if Arctic warming causes main ocean present to reverse : worldnews

I am simply right here ready for the jet stream to vanish. Shits gonna go to extra excessive climate, extra typically.. up till the purpose that the jet stream lastly shuts down.. After that the world will look alot prefer it did within the Eocene epoch. 1000+ppm of CO2, 86°F globally with no main extremes or temperature differentiation pole to pole. We gonna have palm bushes in antarctica once more.

The unhealthy half is having to attend for it to occur and surviving the start pains and adapting to the ecosystem that may end result. The water temp will rise so all chilly water dependent marine life will die. Aswell the elevated temp will even speed up metabolisms, requiring using extra oxygen in a water setting that may solely maintain 20% of the saturated oxygen it at the moment does.

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