United States Surpasses China in Coronavirus Circumstances; Now Leads the World : worldnews

I encourage everybody to learn these two chilling articles about how overwhelmed the NYC healthcare system already is:

A deluge of cases begins hitting NYC hospitals

A cacophony of coughs – inside NYC’s virus besieged ERs

Within the former, they speak about how desperately low they’re on PPE, having to reuse masks for per week, drafting medical college students to assist, healthcare staff proceed to work even when they might have been uncovered, and so forth.

Within the latter article, they describe the state of affairs like a warfare zone quickly to change into like Italy’s scorching zone.

And they’re absolutely anticipating to must extensively triage with ventilators and intensive care — identical to in Italy. Heartbreaking selections to be made 🙁

In any case, you’re the entrance line troopers right here, and I hope you get the societal and materials help you deserve. Good luck to you and your communities, my fellow human being.

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